Operation #shaRAsmile (#RichardArmitage)

Ok, so it’s Richard’s 4*th birthday this Saturday. I realize that not everyone can donate to charity or watch Hannibal or any of Richard’s other works. Some may not be online to trend a hashtag or edit a picture. Some might not be able to type or write what they want to say to Richard for his big day.

There is something we all can do. We can all #shaRAsmile.

(sound it out: shaR(e) A smile)

At some point Richard Armitage has probably made you smile. Whether that was Richard as John Thornton, Harry Kennedy, Thorin Oakenshield, Lucas North, Guy of Gisborne John Standring, or any of the many and varied characters he’s played. Or maybe Richard made you smile as Richard Armitage himself.

What I would like everyone to do is to make someone smile on August 22nd. You can do something nice for someone or just smile at someone and hopefully they’ll smile back. You never know how a smile can change someone’s day.

You don’t have to say how you made someone smile, you don’t have to tweet or Facebook about it. All you have to do is smile and maybe think of Richard while you do it.

So spread the love and share a smile this Saturday.


4 thoughts on “Operation #shaRAsmile (#RichardArmitage)

  1. chazak says:

    Couldn’t think of a more perfect thing to do! I love its simplicity. It is very genuine and heartfelt. It says a lot about you as well as our muse. Will be thinking of him and all of you as I #shaRAsmile on Saturday. And how nice if we extended it everyday, for just no reason at all! 🙂

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