#RichardArmitage is too good for this world. (musings)

Re “airport gate” (http://frauvonelmdings.com/2015/07/14/well-it-does-say-moody-actor-on-the-tin/) The girl in question and her autograph hunter significant other got a taste of exactly the kind of man Richard is.

He apologized to the man and asked where he could send a picture and is currently following the girl (I assume apologizing for his “rudeness” via DM). He turned the other cheek and gave them what they ultimately wanted.

Richard is uncompromising in his kindness and we need more people in this world like him. THIS is why I’m an admirer of this man.

EDIT: I really have no opinion on whether he “should have or shouldn’t have” I just think it’s sweet that he did, and that he cares about what fans think of him. I’m much the same way, if people are discontent or angry at me, I address it and see how I can make it better.

13 thoughts on “#RichardArmitage is too good for this world. (musings)

  1. Servetus says:

    Wow, I just learned this. IMO, that’s a really unfortunate decision on his part (shrugs). Give people who harass you exactly what they want?

  2. Really? Not so much surprised that he’d make a nice gesture, but like Servetus I wouldn’t have thought he’d “reward” their rude/borderline harassing behavior on Twitter. I wouldn’t expect him to respond with rudeness… just not respond at all. =)

  3. Just saw all this right now. Surely someone screencapped the screencap. I’m with JHolland and Servetus. He should have ( once again) left things as they were. Much as I love airport pics, I don’t think he was rude to refuse the fan’s request. He didn’t prevent anyone from taking his photo;he just didn’t want to pose in one at that time, under those circumstances. What of it? Just wished he had stuck to his original gut feeling – declined the shot and gone on his way instead of back peddling, tweet and deleting, following to apologize and, as said above, rewarding really nasty tweets and behavior. He had nothing to apologize for.

  4. Duke says:

    No, I kind of deserved it. I was doing something that was none of my business. I really felt bad for the girl, even though the husband was the one trashing poor Richard. I bought into what the girl was telling me, because my heart felt bad for her. She was really a fan. My sense of trying correct an injustice came over me and made me into a monster. I always try to fight for the little person, not thinking that I might have gone too far. It was a very bitter lesson I learned. I should just mind my own business.
    The other day, I tried to reason with a small child that she was not being very nice screaming and hitting her mother. The result was that the mother got really angry at me for lecturing her child. My manager found out and told me to walk away next time I see something like that again. I always think I am doing the right thing by trying to correction injustices, but I am not. I seem to make problems worse. So the next time I get the urge to try to save someone or to better a situation I am not a part of I will just to ignore it an walk away.
    Anyways, thank you for your apology.

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