Grace feels the Love Love Love (12/9/16-12/11/16) #RichardArmitage

I’m writing this on Christmas day in front of a roaring fire, it only took me forever to sit down and write this! I had a wonderful time and loved the play! My review of the play will not be as eloquent or as thorough as others but I’m gonna try.

I started my (mis) adventure on Dec. 5. If you’ve read my blog before you’ll know that I usually have a crisis of some kind before  see Richard. (Is this the universe telling me to let him go and move on?) On Dec. 5th I realized lost my credit and debit card! I was at a theatre the day before and didn’t know if they were stolen or if they were just left behind. Long story short after freezing them both, they were at the theatre and safe.

I remember talking to my mom and saying, “Why does bad shit happen whenever I see Richard Armitage???”

Anyway crisis averted and all was good. On Dec 9th I worked a full day of work and made it safely to NYC. I was sharing a room with my good friend Carrie who I met three years earlier at the Desolation of Smaug fan event and she shared her room with me that time as well. I got to NYC at around 8 o’clock and hot footed it to a taxi. The traffic was insane! Some big to do at Madison Square Garden, or what ever. I made it to the hotel safely and squeed with Carrie for a bit before we headed out to the theatre to do stage door. (It would be the only time he’d come out that weekend so lucky us!)

We got there around 9:15 and met one of my Facebook friends. I met several other people I had only seen online in person. Richard came out around 9:45 and went to signing immediately. He came and went in about 2 minutes. He didnt recognize the 42nd street program, or at least he didnt say anything. Its all good though. I was thrilled to see him!


(continuing writing this on New Years day! haha! )

I saw the play three times. 2 times Sat 12/10, once Sun 12/11.

I would honestly say Act 1 was my favorite and Act 2 was my least favorite. I did really enjoy act 3 too.

I really liked act 1 because it was sweet and had a sense of innocence to it in my opinion. They all were saying they’re grown ups but really have no plans for what’s coming next. They see the world change around them and want to be a part of it but they don’t seem to really know exactly where they fit in, they just kind of go with the flow.

I thought 19 yo Kenneth was adorable! So bouncy and bubbly! You could tell he was full of energy, even in the lethargy of weed. I loved when he pitched his voice high and pouted, so sweet! Poor guy had a blister on his foot…owie! I was in the front stage right side for both shows on Sat so I could really see it.

I wish we saw more of Henry in the play, he was in interesting character and I would have liked to hear more about his dynamic with Kenneth and his family later in life.

Through the whole play I just really wanted Sandra to get her shit together, in my opinion, isn’t that what mothers are supposed to do? Better themselves for their children? Or at the very least try to act like a responsible adult around them. Maybe she was responsible when the kids were young but now that they’re teenagers she’s letting loose?

Act 2 was like a train wreck for me, it was fascinating and you couldn’t look away but it hurt. It hurt to see the kids pretty much neglected by their parents and to see Ken and Sandra’s marriage collapse. I especially felt bad for Rosie because she was having her own struggles with insecurity and then to have your parents spring a divorce on you in the same night.

Act 3 was really good but man, did I want to smack Rosie! I felt bad for her in act 2 but in act 3 I was honestly disgusted. Maybe it’s just me and the respect that I have for my family but I would never ask for a house from my mom. I can understand to an extent and honestly, I’m in the same boat, I’m about 20 years younger than her but I do live at home and am trying to pinch pennies to eventually move out. It does seem daunting but I don’t feel like my mother (who is a baby boomer) owes me a house.

Yes, it does seem like she had it “easy” a car and a house of her own by her late 20’s , retirement looming. To me that seems nearly impossible but I’m not one to give up. Yes I know I can ask my mom and my family for help but never to Rosie’s extent. It’s not my mom’s fault that the economy is not conducive for me to live on my own. If we keep blaming others for what’s happening in the present, we’d get back to Adam and Eve and that apple, it never ends!

I agree with Ken when he says “why did you listen to us, we’re your parents” Yes, you listen to your parents as a child but there comes a time when you must find your own way.

I do believe that Rosie deserves a good future, a comfy one, as does Jamie and Ken and Sandra but to take a selfish route is not right.

I really wonder what will become of Jamie, he seems like he’s really not in a good place and will need caring for for the foreseeable future.

I was glad that Kenneth and Sandra came to an understanding by the end. Their love story was tumultuous but at the very core there is love (and wine and cigarettes).

My interpretation of the play is probably different that others and I should probably read the script again and reflect on it. Maybe a lot went over my head. But even as a millennial, I sided with the parents more than the kids in the third act. Act 2 went to the kids. Act 1 was a draw. Henry had good points and a head on his shoulders, but life is meant to be enjoyed (maybe in a cleaner way though….)

I went to both after matinee Q&A sessions after my shows. I plucked up the courage to ask Richard a question after the first one, I asked if the show would ever possibly update to include Brexit. He said they did change a few lines in rehearsal to reflect that. He gave a really long and well thought out answer but honestly, I was in such a daze from him answering that I can’t remember it….orz

All in all, I saw a great play 3 times. I saw a great man for the first time in 2 years which was awesome! ( I missed him haha!) I got to see a lot of my friends, many of whom I only knew from social media and generally had a blast! I spent far too much money and time at Kinokuniya bookstore (if you like Japan, go there a whole floor of manga!!!) the Disney store, M&J trimmings and a bead store….I got to go to the Hamilton pop up shop which is lovely and the closest I’ll get to the show.

Shout out to Carrie (who generously shared her hotel room and dealt with my social awkwardness like a champ) Cindy (lovely pictures!) Kim, Lee, Thoriness (I never got your name! sorry!) Bea, Pat, Daphne, LaDonna, Crystal and all of the other wonderful friends I finally got to meet and see!

Here’s to the next Armitage Adventure, when ever it may be!




Dear friend:

(I know this isn’t Richard related but I thought I’d change it up a wee bit so bear with me.)

Chances are you have some form of depression or you know someone with depression. I don’t know if this letter will help you but it’s something to think about.
As you may know, I have depression. I’ve had it for most of my life and it used to control my life.  Now I have control over it and I feel like maybe I could help people.
I’m not a psychiatrist or a professional. I just know what you or someone you know is going through. If what I say doesn’t work for you or you don’t want to do it, please seek help from a professional. Please. I know you won’t want to, or you’re scared to but let me tell you. It does help. It may take a long time but hang in there, go to your therapy, take your meds, it works.
I’m not here to judge you. I’m not here to force you to do something you don’t wish to do. I’m just offering some friendly advice.
If you have depression, I know it’s hard. I know there are some days, weeks, months that you feel like you’re living a dream. Like you’re not there. Like you don’t want to be here anymore. You’re tired, physically and mentally, from the fight. What do you keep fighting for?
Maybe the key to fighting is to find something to fight for. Something that makes you smile and find a little bit of happiness in an otherwise bleak existance.
It helped me, finding something. Over the course of my life it has been several different things or people. All of them are unatainable but it kept me going. For a while it was a dream world of my favorite manga series. Now it’s a succession of blue eyed actors. They make me happy. It may seem hollow to have something you can’t have to be your reason to go on but for me it works. Maybe one day something I find will be attainable and that’s something to look forward to.
Maybe your reason will be attainable. Maybe it’s a sunrise, it’ll happen everyday, isn’t that something to look forward to? Maybe it’s the sunset. Maybe it’s the next book in your favorite series. Maybe it’s religion. Maybe it’s finding your own religion. Maybe it’s your favorite bands next album. Maybe it’s my next blog post! (Ha!) Maybe it’s your mother’s smile. Maybe it’s your friends laugh.
The challenge is to find something. Find one small thing,treasure it, then find two. Keep going until you find out that life is really worth living. Life is so unexpected, something good will always come,even if it’s after something bad.
People might not understand your focus on your thing. That’s ok. As long as you’re happy and not hurting anyone or yourself, what’s a little dissent?
Remember, if you’re ever feeling sad, find your reason, find your happiness. Even in your darkest moments there is always light if you look for it. It may take a while but that light will be beautiful and worth it. So live, love and laugh. Find your reasons to live love and laugh. You’ll be glad you did.

Again, I’m not a professional. I’m just someone who knows what worked for her and is here to share what worked for me. If ypu don’t think this will work, seek professional help. It’s not as scary or boring or stupid as you think it is. If you can’t afford it there are other ways to get help, here are 81 ways:

You’re stronger than you think and you’re not alone in your fight.

Thank you for reading my dear friend,


Happy Christmas #RichardArmitage


Here we are, another lovely Christmas message. I’ve read and re-read it. I really am speechless. As always, I’m blown away by his eloquence and his thoughtful spirit.

It has been an insanely busy year for him (me as well) I guess both of us had to be on a job search for a bit and I found one I absolutely love. Hopefully he has too.

I’m so glad he’s put an emphasis on Cybersmile and Young Minds. I’ve explained before what his support of Young Minds means to me. I’ve had a pretty good year depression wise. (that sounds like an oxymoron) I may not have seen him in real life this year but he still made his presence very well known in my life through his work and social media.

I’m also glad he touched on the refugee crisis.

“I believe that opening our eyes, our minds and our hearts (and probably our borders) even in the face of atrocity is the only way forward”

I agree 100% hatred and fear only beget bad things. Humanity and compassion is what this world needs.

But as he said, “it’s only my opinion” But I usually agree with his political opinions.

Another year has passed, another year of unrequited love. It still hurts but it’s still there. *sigh* ah well.

I’m glad he has time to spend with his family. I was tickled pink when I saw they were at the Urban and the Shed Crew premiere. I’m happy that he’s a family oriented man, it’s sweet.

I’m spending time with my family this Christmas as well and I’m excited. I, as an adopted former orphan, am extremely lucky for my family. So many don’t have the love that I have in their lives. I wish that kind of love for everyone this coming year.

Thank you all for reading my blog this year, I hope you all continue next year.

Love and happiness to you all



I can’t even deal with this coincidence #RichardArmitage

So today I finally got the CATS program from Ebay that I ordered.

cats 4

It had some fun pictures and Richard’s program biography (short, sweet, and to the point, as usual)

cats 3

I decided to do a wee bit of research about CATS and found the CATS wiki page where I noticed something that gave me a start.


Look at the name of the original London actor…….how does the Universe work….It constantly amazes me.

We agree (#RichardArmitage musings)

I’m so happy. From the image above, it seems that Richard Armitage thinks that Syrian refugees deserve a chance at a new and better life in a foreign country.

I was thinking about this yesterday, I was honestly wondering where Richard stood on the issue. I often do that on major issues. If he didn’t agree with my view, I wouldn’t love him less, I’d just be interested in how he got his reasoning. We agree on most of the major issues he’s touched on in his interviews.

Knowing Richard is a humanitarian, I was almost sure he agreed to letting the refugees in.

I think the refugees are some of the bravest people, they pack up everything and risk their lives to go into the unknown. If/ when they reach the distant shores, they are met with anger and suspicion but still they rejoice in having a chance to live without fear of death. What is a turned back or a sharp glance over a bomb or a gun to the head?

Yes, there are many who need homes, everyone deserves a roof over their head. I don’t know how to solve the homeless crisis in America. I think people should help who they want to help, if you want to help the homeless veterans, do so, but don’t deny others the chance of getting the help they need.

The right to live in safety is one right I think everyone should have. Fear of the unknown only causes more fear. Love and acceptance is universal and can be spread. Not every Muslim or refugee is a terrorist. If we judged all people by the actions of a few, there would be no good people left in the world.

Maybe I have an idealistic view of the world. I realize that love and peace won’t save everyone but it makes our time on this Earth much more pleasant, don’t you think?

I really don’t want to debate this, these are just my feelings on the matter.

An unexpected #RichardArmitage/ Robin Hood connection

One of my random hobbies, I enjoy looking up surname origins. I was doing it for some of my coworkers during a lull in work, I decided to look up “Armitage” on a whim. While doing so I found a fun Armitage/Robin Hood connection.

Richard seems to have a touch of fate about his roles. His roles seem connected a lot in unexpected ways. From the multitude of “John’s” he’s played (his Father’s name is John) to the “dragons” to the Blake’s.

This connection was no different, obscure, but those are the fun ones right?

On an Australian Armitage family website ( I found this tidbit.

“The hereditary Armitage seat is at Kirklees, (formerly a Benedictine nunnery), near Huddersfield, in Yorkshire.” A John Armytage, Sheriff of Yorkshire, purchased the Kirklees estate in 1565 from Robert Pilkington, erecting a hall on the site of the old priory.  “The dignity of Baronet was first conferred on an elder branch of this family, by King Charles I. in the person of Francis Armytage.”

Before the building of Kirklees Hall the site was occupied by the Kirklees Priory, reputed scene of the death of outlaw Robin Hood. Both the remains of the priory and the alleged grave of Robin Hood are on the Armitage Kirklees estate.


The Armitage Coat of Arms is formally recorded as “Gules, a Lion’s Head, erazed, between three crosslets, Argent.” These Arms were historically used by the Armitage families of Keresforth-Hill and Kirklees.  The crosslets on the shield appear to be taken from the purported headstone of Robin Hood’s grave, on which two appeared.


In the original Robin Hood legend, a prioress from Kirklees Abbey bled him. He was getting old and weak so he thought bleeding would be a cure. The prioress locked him in a room for a while and her lover, Red Roger who stabbed Robin while he was weak in revenge for Robin’s family taking Roger’s families land.

Robin was able to signal Little John, one of his Merry Men, who was nearby, who came and helped Robin fire off one last arrow. Little John promised that wherever the arrow landed, he would bury Robin there. It landed in the garden. The grave its self is a mere six hundred yards from the old gatehouse of Kirklees Priory.

John Armytage bought the Kirklees estate and erected a hall on the siteof the old priory in 1565, thus becoming the first “Armitage of Kirklees”

The Armytage Baronetcy, of Kirklees in the County of York, was created in the Baronetage of England on 15 December 1641 for Francis Armytage. He was succeeded by his eldest son, John, the second Baronet. He was Sheriff of Yorkshire from 1668 to 1669. His three sons, Thomas, John and George, all succeeded in the title. However, they all died unmarried and the latter was succeeded by his first cousin, Thomas, the sixth Baronet. He was the son of Francis Armytage, younger son of the first Baronet. He was also unmarried and on his death in 1737 the baronetcy became extinct.

The Armytage Baronetcy, of Kirklees in the County of York, was re-created in the Baronetage of Great Britain on 4 July 1738 for Samuel Armytage, High Sheriff of Yorkshire in 1739. He was the great-grandson of Edward Armytage, younger brother of John Armytage, father of the first Baronet of the 1641 creation.

The current Baronet is Sir John Martin Armytage.

His father Sir John Lionel Armytage and his wife Lady Maria Margarete (John and Margaret again!!!) lived on the estate until their deaths. Him in 1983, her in 2003. Sir John Martin does not live on the Kirklees estate he moved out in 2003.

In 2013 the estate was put up for sale as a whole or in lots.

Throughout the years the site of Robin Hood’s grave has been on private property and people rarely have the chance to get to the actual site. Calderdale Heritage offers a walk to the site but, that’s one of very few ways.

As you can see the grave isn’t in the best condition.


The inscription on the slab in the back reads

“Here underneath dis laitl stean
Laz robert earl of Huntintun
Ne’er arcir ver as hie sa geud
An pipl kauld im robin heud
Sick utlawz as his as iz men
Vil england nivr si agen
Obiit 24 Kal. Dekembris 1247.”

In Modern English that reads:

“Here beneath this little stone
Lays Robert Earl of Huntingdon
Never was an archer so good as he
And people called him Robin Hood
Such outlaws as he and his men
Will England never see again”

So basically Richard’s family owned the reported site of Robin Hood’s grave.

(Armitage, Armytage, tomato, tomato)

If you didn’t know (I’m not sure how you wouldn’t since you’re reading the blog) Richard played Guy of Gisborne in the Robin Hood BBC series between 2006-2009.

Obscure a connection it may be but I find it interesting and hopefully you, dear reader, do too.

(other RAndom fact: the Armitage family motto is “sepmer peratus” “Always ready”  which is also the motto of the US Coast Guard which is a little ironic because Richard has aquaphobia…but they save people from drowning among other things so maybe that’s another little coincidence. Not sure if it’d provide any comfort to Richard though….)

Out of my comfort zone (#RichardArmitage and BOFAEE SPOILERS)

I almost didn’t go. I had my ticket months in advance, and I almost didn’t go.

I’m glad I went.

I met a nice lady at the theater who recognized me from Twitter! I guess I’m famous lol! (not)

To be honest, I have a hard time going to movies, I’m an emotional person and I react to things easily so it can be embarrassing. I was especially worried about THIS movie, even though I’ve seen it before. I was worried about the extra bits, would they be more painful?

Yes, yes they were. Some scenes added levity but some scenes were heart wrenching. I did cry, how can you not show some emotion?

I noticed that they added a few seconds to some of Thorin’s scenes, more time for Richard to completely blow me away with his acting ability.

I thought the extra/extended scenes were well done and added so much to the film. Nothing was superfluous and all of them completed the tale.

I can’t believe this was it, the last. The last time I’ll see Middle Earth on screen. Sure, maybe they’ll do some screenings on anniversaries but there won’t be that same anticipation of something new.

Oh well, the stories live on. They were truly a gift to behold and I thank Peter Jackson for bringing them to life. Some of the best times of my life happened because of his films and for that, I’ll always be grateful.

One last time? Never, Middle Earth will always be in my heart, mind, and video player.

SPOILERS BE HERE Continue reading

Adding some happiness to my day :) (feel free to ignore #RichardArmitage)


I finally found a way to take my Richard Armitage autograph with me everywhere! Since I didn’t want to drag my Hobbit book around everywhere (it could get lost or damaged!) I took a picture of my autograph and had it made into a phonecase. I can’t stop smiling. I always smile at the background of my phone (and various computer desktops) but now I can smile at the back of my phone.

Sometimes adding something small can make all of the difference. I highly recommend adding wee little things into everyday life that make you happy. It can do a world of good when you most need it.

(if anyone needs a translation it says “Grace with love RArmitage) and he had an arrow to the Lonely Mountain in the original autograph


Announcement: #cRAftingForCharity Auctions Coming Next Week

Guylty Pleasure

After a confusing post a few days ago, which was really only meant to sound out if I may depend on your support, it is now time to *really* ask for your help again, dear friends in our community of Armitage fans. You have proven time and again how generous and compassionate you are, the latest occasion being Mr A’s birthday when a hint by the birthday boy resulted in several thousands of ££ being donated to his latest cause. And you have stepped up to the plate even when it was not a celebrity asking for your kind consideration, but just a fellow fan – you supported the RAPS for Charity fundraiser in aid of Nepal back in May with an overwhelming enthusiasm and generosity.

Now your well-wishing capabilities are needed again. This time for the poorest of the poor – those, who have left everything behind and…

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Dolarhyde (#RichardArmitage)

I’m calling it, Emmy nomination for Richard. His interpretation of Francis Dolarhyde was one of the most complete character transformations I’ve ever seen. I completely lost sight of Richard Armitage and only saw Dolarhyde. I gave him my awe. I’m not just saying this as a fan, I’m saying this as a lover of the arts. What he showed us was pure artistry. (I’m not talking about his body in those briefs, as impressive as that was 😉 )

Richard has always excelled at playing the dichotomy between good and evil. With Dolarhyde, he exceeded himself. He makes us feel sorry for the “monster”. I wasn’t sympathizing with the character because he happened to be played by my favorite actor. I sympathized with him for who he was and what he went through.

As I said before I don’t think of him as a monster. I still see him as a boy who got lost. A boy who wasn’t loved. Love is an intrinsic part in growth and development and if you don’t have it shown to you at an impressionable age, it can shape you the wrong way later in life.

In the Fangoria interview the interviewer mentioned that people that are products of abuse can be seen as monsters. The same is true for mentally ill people, in my opinion. I said this before, I saw myself as a monster when I was in deep depression. I feared my anger and what it could cause.

I bet Dolarhyde has remorse for what he’s done, deep down. I bet there’s a part of him that really doesn’t want to do what he’s done. He showed that side with Reba. He didn’t want to kill her. He was able to stop himself from doing it. He was stronger than the Dragon.

Richard mentioned about how he sees the fragile child inside of the huge man.


As he lay dying, I didn’t see what he’d done, as atrocious as the stuff was, I saw what he was, a shy scared little boy. Someone who life had taken and destroyed. Someone who, with some love and kindness, could have been great. 

Certainly, what I found fascinating about Dolarhyde was that I never just saw him as a bad guy. I saw him as a very, very tortured soul who fell in love with a girl, and that´s quite terrifying, I think.

                                                                                     -Richard Armitage in Fangoria

He was never “just” a bad guy to me either. Richard, I believe, had to find a way to emphasize with Dolarhyde so he could live with playing him. I can see some viewers not able to emphasize with him after seeing his actions.  I never felt that he couldn’t be redeemed. If Hannibal could find love and some form of redemption, why not Dolarhyde?

I shed tears for Dolarhyde. I cried for what he’d been through. I cried for the little boy who wanted to be loved, the man who was led astray by what he mistakenly thought was a form of something better than himself.

Isn’t that a goal many have? To better themselves? Dolarhyde wanted that too but he went about it in the wrong way and found ugliness instead of beauty.

By the time love came around, it was too late.

I feel some pride for Dolarhyde, he was momentarily stronger than the dragon. He overcame “himself” to save Reba, his love. That pureness of spirit is what I wept for.

RIP Francis Dolarhyde. A lost boy.